Tennis Balls

Having been involved in the manufacture of pro tennis balls since the early days. We’ve now turned our expertise to bring our pet companions the very best too.

Let's Play

Our team has a wealth of experience in professional tennis balls, and we've applied that knowledge to create the very best for our furry companions.

Drawing from our extensive experience in crafting professional tennis balls, we've developed the ultimate pet tennis balls that boast exceptional bounce, durability, and longevity. Enjoy endless playtime with your furry companion while relying on our International Tennis Federation-tested products that meet the same sport grade standards as professional tennis balls.

Our commitment to safety has led us to certify our pet tennis balls with UKCA, CE, and EN71 standards, ensuring a secure play experience for all members of the family. These versatile balls are ideal for fetch, training, and bonding, promoting both physical and mental health for your pets.

Catering to each pet's unique personality, we offer two versions of our pet tennis balls: standard and SQUEAK! For added excitement, the SQUEAK! version includes a built-in squeaker, perfect for pets who love noisy toys or require extra motivation. Our vibrant two-tone panels easily distinguish SQUEAK! tennis balls from our standard range, making it simple to find the ideal ball for your pet in any setting.

Experience the exceptional bounce, fun squeaker, and unmatched quality of our pet tennis balls – the ultimate entertainment and bonding tool for you and your furry friend.


  • Thick core, compressed air, vivid dual colours and easy to clean surface

    High Performance

    Fellow pet lovers! Listen up, because we've got some fetch-tastic news for you! Our Company has been involved in the manufacture of tennis balls for over 40 years, which means we've got more experience than a golden retriever has wagging its tail! We know everything there is to know about these bouncy, chewy, and oh-so-fun balls. We're basically the doggone experts! So, if you want your furry friend to have a ball of a time playing fetch, trust us to provide the best tennis balls for dogs out there. Woof woof, let's play!

  • Thick core, compressed air, vivid dual colours and easy to clean surface

    Encourage their natural instinct!

    Squeaky toy aficionados! You're in luck because we've got some paw-some news for you! You can trust us to know more about these balls than a beagle knows about sniffing out treats! We are the experts when it comes to crafting these irresistible and noisy balls that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours on end. So, if you want to hear that satisfying squeak every time your pup catches the ball, then look no further! Our SQUEAK! tennis balls are the real deal. Get ready to hear your dog's tail wagging with excitement!